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.Edu Wiki pyramids ii

1,000 .edu wiki into 100,000 wiki links
Sales price: $55.00

Backlink pyramids involves the process of building special types of links in an ordered & systematic way, use sites as the base for you links and then building several layers of connected backlinks that point to each other which finally point to your website.Basically link Pyramid is the perfect long term method that deploys a wide variety of link building types as well as a strategic link building methodology.


- TIER-1: 1,000 .edu .


- TIER-2: Juice all extracted links into 100,000 Wiki Article Submission.


  • Quality over Quantity.
  • Always over deliver.
  • Private proxies used for less footprints.
  • Random user name for less footprints.
  • Multiple URLs & Keywords.
  • 3x Unique Spun Article.
  • Popular & recognize sites.
  • Penguin and Panda Safe!

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