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5k real targeted likes for fb posts

5,000 Geo-targeted likes for facebook post / image / video / link
Sales price: $190.00

Increase your social popularity and your facebook fanpage activities with quality social signals (likes/ shares) for your facebook post.
Facebook posts including images, videos, links, and any kinds of posts that you may post or share with your facebook account or in your fan page.
This is awesome way to make your page more active not just have a huge number of fans, also sharing your posts/offers mean that many people will see your posts across the facebook social environment. this will also give a very high effect in SEO for the links or youtube videos that you may post and order this kind of social signals for it.
In this kind of service you will also be able to define the country you need the likes comes from, this will give the most best value for your posts.

  • 100% real human likes.
  • Geo-targeted likes.
  • All likes are 100% permanent.
  • Do not need any admin access!
  • Delivery rate about 1k per 1 day.

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